Mail Art in for April

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Mail Art in – The Celestial Scribe & Guido Vermeulen

From alternative corners of the earth, a visual response to WW1.  Guido Vermeulen based in Belgium, questions who sponsored WW1?

Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen

Research indicates USA Banks and the British aristocracy, members of the international banking system.  Or did the pennies donated by working class families contribute to the funding of munitions? Or was sponsorship in the form of  coal excavated from the pits of Durham, used to fuel the the ships exporting iron ore from Scandinavia  to Germany to make the submarines?  Questions such as this, ‘Who sponsored WW1’ unearths more questions and contradictions.

Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen

The Celestial Scribe, based in Brazil, offers a different perspective.

The Celestial Scribe

The Celestial Scribe

The image reminds me of a piece of folk art or even trench art, made up of recycled materials and found ephemera.

celecstial scribe3

Celestial Scribe, Republik Van Patiland – a City of Peace.

celecstial scribe2

Mail Art in E Coles

Beautifully stitched envelope by E.Coles.  Inside the envelope apiece of collaged Mail Art.  I love E.Coles sense of composition.


Unknown Mail Art.  If there is anyone out there who is able to claim this piece of work – please do get intouch.

unknown1 unknown2

From Canada, this piece of Mail art leaves me feeling uncomfortable and unsettled.  I would like to find out more about the work and the creator.  Mail Art in February 2014.