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throston out


Mail Art out: August 2014 by young people in Hartlepool

Mail Art out: August 2014 by young people in Hartlepool

Mail Art3
Mail Art2Mail Art24Mail Art23
Mail Art26 
Mail Art out: August 2014 by young people in Hartlepool

Mail Art out: August 2014 by young people in Hartlepool





















Mail Art36Mail Art35Mail Art34Mail Art33Mail Art32Mail Art31Mail Art30Mail Art29Mail Art28Mail Art27

John January 2014

John January 2014

February Mail Art out, heading across the sea and down the country to participating artists in this WW1 Mail Art Project.

Mail art out1Mail art out2Mail art out3Mail art out4Mail art out5Mail art out6Mail art out7Mail art out8





Ryan's January 2014

Ryan’s January 2014

January 2014 mail art out…..


Decembers mail out……








Someone - Edition size 18

Someone – Edition size 18

Sending Mail Art out to those Mail Artists I have started to connect with takes time and reflection.  I want to engage and motivate those mail artists to think about the project.  The project for me uses Trench Art to inspire new art, explore the idea of the souvenir, think about objects of remembrance and the narratives behind the objects – someone made this – keeps coming back to me.

Recording what I am sending is important. The nature of Mail Art is to potentially send your art work away forever.  I have found while making artwork to Mail/Post I begin to develop ideas for other work and multiples.  From the mail art I made below I developed a whole edition of artist’s books that incorporate and celebrate some of the exciting aspects of Mail Art.  I am really struck by the envelopes decoration, the idea that the envelope becomes part of the artwork and not just a carrier of art.  This envelope design becomes the pages of a book, objects of remembrance are hinted at and documented within the layers of the pages.

Printed envelopes

Printed envelopes

Envelope Books

Envelope Books

or book envelopes

or book envelopes

mail art2


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