WW1 Mail Art, Pecha Kucha at the Tyneside Cinema

A Good Yarn knitting group based at Tyneside Cinema kindly invited me along to their Tuesday evening session last week.  I had the opportunity to talk, ‘Pecha Kucha’ style about a WW1 project I am  managing with International contributors, such as Eni Ilis based Brazil  This superb photo collage arrived very recently.

Eni Ilis1

eni Ilis2

Mail Art made by participants at the Pecha Kucha.

Mail Art made by participants at the Pecha Kucha.

A Good Yarn knitting group had the opportunity to take part in and make their own Mail Art, contributing to the project.  The group meet regularly swapping knitting patterns, drinking wine and chatting!

WW1 Mail Art project has many contributions from members of IUOMA.  Guido Vermeulen, is an active contributor offering ideas for discussion and reflection, such as ‘Who sponsored WW1?’

1914-2014 Exodus of the peoples

Collage with original photos of 1914 (photo in bottom of the collage: exodus of Jewish people persecuted by the Russian tsarist regime, this photo has been translated into a painting by a Russian Jewish painter but I forgot who that was) The works I am producing now are collages and handpainted photos, orignal photos of 1914, published in the weekly zine Illustrierter Kriegs Kurier, Illustrated War Mail.  This was produced by the Germans in occupied Belgium in 3 languages (German, Dutch and French). I have a whole collection of these zines, heritage of my family in fact.  The paper is of poor quality and 100 years old. The positive side of that however is that is easy to paint on the photos.  Guido Vermeulen

Collages and hand painted historical photos.

Mail art out2

Much of the work I am making in response to WW1, is inspired by historical references from Hartlepool and is developing alongside the research I am exploring for the project Personal Histories,

We all have tales to tell.
Interesting snippets about ourselves, those around us, our forebears, our culture, the times we have experienced and the world we live in.
Our tales can be fascinating not only to ourselves but to others as well.

International Artist Book Exhibition 

Bringing together artists from around the globe to share their own stories in artist book form.
Sharing similarities, diversities and individual perspectives.
Highlighting the dynamic world of artist books.

Exhibiting at various venues in Australia 2014-2016