Mail Art in for September and sad news about Guido Vermeulen



Guido Vermeulen, Belgium Mail Artist and poet, contacted me over a year ago and started a discussion about the First World War, who funded it and opened up the world of Courrier de Guerre magazines.  Printed and distributed by the German Army in occupied Belgium, the ‘zines’ were printed in German, French and Dutch.  Guido had many of these zines, which he ripped up and painted onto, altering the original image, sometimes unrecognizable.  He forwarded a copy to me for this Mail Art Project with Young People in Hartlepool via another avid Mail Artist in the USA, Otto Sherman. Like a lot of Mail Artists new to the protocol and etiquette of Mail Art, I found a warm and welcoming response from Guido and enjoyed his forthright views and political debate.  I was saddened to learn via IUOMA that Guido had died last week. Comments and thoughts around the world, continue to flood into the group page organised by Ruud Jansen, in many different languages.  Its reassuring to see his work being re-posted and aired in such a collective forum.

Other news in this week, comes in the form of Mail Art from ‘Amalgamated Confusion’ ie Keith S Chambers.  Beautifully presented and thought provoking, Minimal and Maximal – I love the play on words and being reminded on how to fold a letter.  Simple, effective and measured steps to creating another treasured piece of mail art.

Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers


Kieth Chambers or Don Knotts (another beautiful little print)

Kieth Chambers or Don Knotts (another beautiful little print)

Jon Foster meanwhile, contributes to the growing Mail Art collection with his well chosen postage stamp of Harvey Milk, as well as reminding everyone grasping the piece of Mail Art, ‘Be Productive, Be Be Productive! His well formed image on the reverse, is organised and assembled with such delicacy, but robustly, I can see little damage or interference from ‘our’ (not anymore) Royal Mail.

Jon Foster & Harvey Milk

Jon Foster & Harvey Milk


A few of Jon Foster's favorite things!

A few of Jon Foster’s favorite things!


1914-2014 Mail Art Project by Guido Vermeulen.

Faces of War Guido Vermeulen

Faces of War
Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen is a prolific Mail Artist and has recently launched a parallel  Mail Art project.

1914 – 2014 :


This mail art project is not in opposition or competition but in support of the existing mail art project on the anniversary of the so-called « great » war.

So we support and encourage the efforts of Jan Theunink and Paul Verhulst in Belgium, those of Theresa Easton in the UK and the Hungarian project (a collaboration between networkers in Hungary, Germany and Austria, the world will follow). We also salute the incredible individual efforts of artists like Eric Bensidon and Alain Cotten in France and Otto Sherman in the USA.


°  the refusal of war as a destruction of people’s common togetherness and solidarity

War was conducted by those who did not know eacht other for the bank accounts of those who knew each other quite well (to paraphrase Valéry)

°  the refusal of any kind of war nostalgia or the recuperation of so-called peace by institutions like the EC or the UN (who have no problem launching new wars « in the name of peace and freedom»)

° the backing of a total rehabilitation for all soldiers who were executed by their own commanders and governments « as example », with excuses as cowardice, or desertion, or you have lost your equipment and other nonsens

° the backing of independent historical research on what happened during these « great » wars

You can fill in yourself other angles of interests, the list is limitless



This project is proposed by mail artist Guido Vermeulen with the support of FRIOUR NETWORK MAGAZINE and a new Circle of Free Thought in Belgium : CLP-KVD

 Documentation online in a special section on the blog of the CLP-KVD

 Mail your contributions to

1914 2014 PROJECT

Guido Vermeulen

Thomas Vinçottestreet 81

B-1030 Brussels




Faces of War Guido Vermeulen

Faces of War
Guido Vermeulen

Haiku poems from Guido Vermeulen

12 Haiku poems (in Dutch) for all that were killed during the wars 1914-2014, so for each month of the year


voor alle gesneuvelden van 1914-2014

en in het bijzonder voor de gefusilleerden bij wijze van voorbeeld

Ik zie haar wenen

de hartstochtelijke vrouw:

mijn schildpad is dood!

In de herfst sterven;

wat is er natuurlijker

dan een vallend blad?

Hij bloedde zachtjes

leeg naar een vallende ster.

Aarde schreeuwde dicht!

De oorlogsschepen

strandend op koraalriffen.

Het einde nabij …

De weerstand van slijk,


in het Vlaams, misschien?

Een brandende god

veroordeelt op het schavot

der geschiedenis.

Lijken spoelen aan,

lossen nooit het geheugen

op der getuigen …

Beenderen spreken,

het gebit niet verdronken,

roepend in de zee!

Woorden liegen steeds

in de monden van de macht;

maan herhaalt lachend.


lachend in de warmte

van sluitende hand.

Tegen de wanden

huizen stil de vleermuizen,

hun honger huivert!

Laat drogende oogst

is het lot van mijn ogen;

blindheid doet mij zien.


Maart 2014

Pub New Benfica

en discutant avec Boris

Mail Art in – The Celestial Scribe & Guido Vermeulen

From alternative corners of the earth, a visual response to WW1.  Guido Vermeulen based in Belgium, questions who sponsored WW1?

Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen

Research indicates USA Banks and the British aristocracy, members of the international banking system.  Or did the pennies donated by working class families contribute to the funding of munitions? Or was sponsorship in the form of  coal excavated from the pits of Durham, used to fuel the the ships exporting iron ore from Scandinavia  to Germany to make the submarines?  Questions such as this, ‘Who sponsored WW1’ unearths more questions and contradictions.

Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen

The Celestial Scribe, based in Brazil, offers a different perspective.

The Celestial Scribe

The Celestial Scribe

The image reminds me of a piece of folk art or even trench art, made up of recycled materials and found ephemera.

celecstial scribe3

Celestial Scribe, Republik Van Patiland – a City of Peace.

celecstial scribe2