Heugh Battery Remembers those bombed out of their homes & workplace


Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Every year The Heugh Battery Museum on The Headland in Hartlepool, remembers the events of 16th December 1914 when the Hartlepools were shelled by German ships from the North Sea.

This year the community came  together for the 101st time to remember those who lost their lives in the barrage of shells; the children who were injured or died as they were getting ready for school, shift workers making their way home after work and fishermen petrified and frozen with fear out at sea, stranded in ‘no mans land’ as shells flew over their heads.

This years commemoration at the Heugh included  a series of plays by  students from Hartlepool Sixth Form College with an evocative performance in the Heugh Battery itself.  Students presented an emotive response to the legacy of the bombardment, loss, fear and separation.  As Britain contributes yet more bombs to its 4th war in 14 years, its the next generation who are growing up knowing only aggression as a response to  international disagreement.  The students production displayed sensitivity, maturity and hope for the future.


Hartlepool Remembered were there talking to visitors about how they can contribute their memories to the Centenary Memorial Scrap Book.  If you would like to get involved contact theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk

Speakers and performers at the Heugh all contributed to a commemorative day, with visitors braving the Headland wind to listen to heritage research carried out in the near by village of Hart, rebellious Colliery men recreated to dig tunnels at the front and musical performance by the talented Fools Gold.

Launching the same day, a new permanent dedicated gallery at the Museum of Hartlepool at Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience to the bombardment of the Hartlepools.

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