Volkstrauertag in Ratzeburg, Germany 16th November 2014

Young people from Hartlepool Youth Centre have been contributing to this international First World War project using  Mail Art, initiated by First World War Trench Art and local heritage.P1140138 P1140139 P1140143 P1140145 P1140147 P1140150 P1140152 P1140155 P1140157 P1140158 P1140161 P1140166 P1140175 P1140177 P1140179 P1140181 P1140182






Today their Mail Art, along with Mail Art made by young people in Queensland, Australia and Ratzeburg, in Germany had their work on display in a soldiers cemetery in Ratzeburg.

The photo’s were taken by Siobhan Tarr, lead artist in Germany who has been exploring Volkstrauertag and war memorials with the young people.

”The posters were placed along the path and stairs leading up to the
cemetery. I was pleased that people where actually stopping and having a good look at them.” commented Siobhan.

Young people in Hartlepool will have the opportunity to lead on showcasing their contribution to the project and those of their fellow mail artists at Hartlepool Remembered; Legacies of the Bombardment 11th December Hartlepool College of Further Education and St Hilda’s Church, The Headland, Hartlepool 12th December.


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