Mail Art in for September and sad news about Guido Vermeulen



Guido Vermeulen, Belgium Mail Artist and poet, contacted me over a year ago and started a discussion about the First World War, who funded it and opened up the world of Courrier de Guerre magazines.  Printed and distributed by the German Army in occupied Belgium, the ‘zines’ were printed in German, French and Dutch.  Guido had many of these zines, which he ripped up and painted onto, altering the original image, sometimes unrecognizable.  He forwarded a copy to me for this Mail Art Project with Young People in Hartlepool via another avid Mail Artist in the USA, Otto Sherman. Like a lot of Mail Artists new to the protocol and etiquette of Mail Art, I found a warm and welcoming response from Guido and enjoyed his forthright views and political debate.  I was saddened to learn via IUOMA that Guido had died last week. Comments and thoughts around the world, continue to flood into the group page organised by Ruud Jansen, in many different languages.  Its reassuring to see his work being re-posted and aired in such a collective forum.

Other news in this week, comes in the form of Mail Art from ‘Amalgamated Confusion’ ie Keith S Chambers.  Beautifully presented and thought provoking, Minimal and Maximal – I love the play on words and being reminded on how to fold a letter.  Simple, effective and measured steps to creating another treasured piece of mail art.

Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers


Kieth Chambers or Don Knotts (another beautiful little print)

Kieth Chambers or Don Knotts (another beautiful little print)

Jon Foster meanwhile, contributes to the growing Mail Art collection with his well chosen postage stamp of Harvey Milk, as well as reminding everyone grasping the piece of Mail Art, ‘Be Productive, Be Be Productive! His well formed image on the reverse, is organised and assembled with such delicacy, but robustly, I can see little damage or interference from ‘our’ (not anymore) Royal Mail.

Jon Foster & Harvey Milk

Jon Foster & Harvey Milk


A few of Jon Foster's favorite things!

A few of Jon Foster’s favorite things!


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