Recent Mail Art in for the month of May

Mail Art posted to me during the month of May 2014 has been contributed by artists, makers and mail artists from around the world.

Gail Halvorsen

Gail Halvorsen

South African based Petrolpetal‘s latest contribution is a book for the young people, ‘The Chocolate Flier’ narrating the story of the American pilot Gail Halvorsen, who responded to the deprivations and plight of children in Berlin in 1948 by showering waiting children with mini-parachutes containing sweets and chocolate.  The book explains the Berlin Airlift and the response of American civilians and pilots to the children who survived the allied bombing, although how and why the country was bombed back to the stoneage is not really touched upon.  What the book does do is expose a human response to the suffering by many.


Contrast this with  French based Val Herman’s playful take on a child’s rhyme ‘Sticks & Stones will break my Bones But Mail Art will not hurt me!’ 


Eni Ilis, form Brazil meanwhile has posted an intriguing blue tinged collage.


Jane Kennelly, shares a Souvenir from France made up of a collection of poems reflecting on loss and family.


Lastly, sent some time back, but left off the list is a collection of Chap Book like zines from Italian based Mail Artist Serse Rocchi, his zines are a bombardment of  contemporary culture and historical relics, collaged, pasted and juxtaposed next to each other.  The reader works hard to connect the seemingly random images of cultural debris.

Serse Luigetti

Serse Luigetti









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