Steve Dales Great Uncle Oliver

Steve Dales Great Uncle Oliver

Steve Dales Great Uncle Oliver

WW1 commemorations brings to light a whole host of family memories, research and  stories.

Steve Dales came across family history stuff on his Great Uncle Oliver.  He survived the war and went to live in Australia where he died in 1984. His research shows a Certificate of Disembodiment on Demobilisation 30th June 1919.  Handwritten documentation such as this has particular significance compared to the arms-length. computer processed lead paper work we have all become so used to.

Britain in 1919 was experiencing an extreme flu epidemic, along with the rest of the world – the epidemic was rumoured to have killed between 50-100 million people.  It was named the Spanish flu, this originated from a news blackout instigated by wartime censors controlling reports of the  epidemic  in Germany, France & USA.  Spain at the time was labelled as neutral and the grave illness of the King there was one of the few reports passing the censors.

Other Mail Art in for May includes an ‘African’ inspired design work by E Coles and  more Brain Cell Life Form from Ryosuke Cohen.


E Coles

E Coles

Ryosuke Cohen

Ryosuke Cohen


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