In memory of the 3.700,000 Women Munitionettes

Siobhan Tarr presents a thought provoking response with her mosaic like homage to the 3.700,000 women who entered the Workforce during WW1 including those who worked at the National Shell Filling Factory Number 9 on the outskirts of Banbury.

Siobhan Tarr, Germany

Siobhan Tarr, Germany

”Risking their health and their lives, working in munitions factories, women were often called canary girls. because of their yellow skin – the result of repeated exposure to TNT.  Some even gave birth to yellow canary babies.”

Siobhan Tarr will  work with a group of young people in Lauenburg in Germany, as part of a interdisciplinary history / art project, initiated in 2012 by the Heimatbund und Geschichtsverein Herzogtum Lauenburg  (Lauenburg native and historical society) and its co-operation partner Lauenburg Art Association.  This year the young people will be investigating Volkstrauertag and the questions it raises. This is the annual German national day of mourning, commemorating those from all countries, military and civilian, who have died either in or as a result of armed conflicts. They will look at the theme of WW1 local stories, interviewing old people and looking into local archives and records etc. Using the information they collect and with reference to their own place in this legacy, the youths in Lauenburg will work from a German perspective in an attempt to relay this to the young people of Hartlepool and beyond using Mail art.  For young people worldwide, it is an excellent opportunity to actively share differing perspectives and interpretations in regard to the legacy of war. Siobhan Tarr

Siobhan Tarr3


Otto Sherman,  is a prolific maker of Stamp Art, medals and cancellation art, with sometimes contradictory sinister and playful motifs reoccurring in his work.  He has forwarded on pages of Stamp art that I will pass onto the young peopl in Hartlepool to use – when the time comes!  And include in my own Mail Art prodcutions.

Otto Sherman

Otto Sherman


Otto Sherman

Otto Sherman





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