Mail art from Belgium and thoughts from South Africa

I recently received this piece of Mail Art by Marie-Christine De Grave, based in Belgium.

Her work, although simply made, using much recycled material and found pictures, resonates with sensitivity and reflection.

Marie-Christine De Grave

Marie-Christine De Grave

Images of shells,’bombs’ and the associated machinery  clearly depict the nature of war and are images I am drawn to out of a curiosity and need to understand the social aspects of WW1 .  Brass artillery shells were produced in their millions; they represent the defining weapon of WW1.

Someone - Edition size 18

Someone – Edition size 18

‘Someone made this’ forms part of an international collaborative book project, initiated by South African artist Cheryl Penn.   This handmade book references Trench Art, particularly brass artillery shells. I am interested in how Trench Art objects have become  historical documents, that illustrate and enshrine the war time lives of its makers, whether munition workers or soldiers.  I have begun to explore this awareness using very basic printing techniques to make ‘Someone made this’.  I am interested in referencing the crude handmade tools used to scratch and score into the brass, puncture the surface of the hard metal and mould the canister shape.  


PetrolPetal takes a light hearted look at Mail Art, sending me  a highly decorated envelope  which intrigues the viewer, escalating the need to know, ‘What is inside the envelope’?

PetrolPetal intriguing envelope

PetrolPetal intriguing envelope

What is in the envelope?

What is in the envelope?



I like PetrolPetal’s approach to her Mail Art, the work is very interactive and certainly engaging – I am looking forward to her next posting….


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