Memoriam Omnibus Paul Wager


Memoriam Omnibus is the principle sculpture in a series of work called Reflections on War by  Hartlepool based artist Paul Wager.

Reflections on War include paintings as well as sculptures.


Memoriam Omnibus bronze, edition 12, 2014, 85x85x290cms, cast by Pangolin Editions UK

Unlike conventional war memorials, Ominbus is a neutral statement in which I have tried to avoid patriotic sentiment.  Thematic interrelationships of objects are predominant in both Omnibus and the RoW series. These objects may appear different, even unrelated, but their combination creates a new form. My intended principle themes are tragedy, reconciliation and the futility of war. Paul Wager ‘The Jackdaw’ November/December 2013

Paul Wager

Paul Wager




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