Otto Sherman Mail Art in

Otto Sherman is one of the most influential artists of the Stamp Art Movement.  An award winning Illustrator and graphic designer in his earlier years, much of his work, then, was singularly focused on his signature style of big animated gestural forms and highly saturated chroma.

Otto Sherman
Otto Sherman

Today Sherman’s work as a Stamp Artist blends a distinctive artistic style of surreal masquerade with incisive emotionally charged social critique, he integrates these disparate contrasting themes in his art with startling results. by exposing societal decadence,corruption, and the malevolent power of dictators over unfortunate people, together with randomly juxtaposed Heraldry and Medalling, (a recurring theme) these, are the two defining visual narratives, central to his work. Sherman brings Hans Holbein’s King Henry the VIII to the 21st century in strident bling, bejewled, bedazzled, bewitched, and a little worse for wear. Alastaire Brown

Otto Sherman
Otto Sherman
Otto Sherman
Otto Sherman

3 thoughts on “Otto Sherman Mail Art in

    • Hello Otto
      thank you, that’s a very generous offer. I have come across your work recently incorporated into other Mail Artist’s work, on the envelopes, embedded within the Mail Art pieces. I recently delivered a short Pecha Kucha evening at a local cinema, as part of their Knitting Club and mentioned your Stamp Art and use of iconic images and the subversive nature of your work. Your work was received very well, the audience were very curious to learn more. I am currently exploring WW1 and the social history around this period of time. I am interested in Trench Art and the historical narrative, Material Culture, these objects contain, linking the temporal change between war & peace. Thank you I would love to receive more of your Mail Art, look out for some coming your way very soon!

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