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As John and Ryan’s Mail Art flies over the Atlantic, it was a surprise to receive some Mail Art in from Pedro Bericat, a Mail Artist based in Zaragoza, Spain, who will  very shortly be receiving Mail Art from one of the young people living in Hartlepool, who is totally new to the experience of giving their art work away!

By Pedro Bericat, Spain, including slice of bread

By Pedro Bericat, Spain, including slice of bread

Receiving this piece of Mail Art made me smile – wondering what the post people think either end of its journey.  Pedro Bericat is initiating a ”1 minute autohypnosis….Project ” He wants participants to send in any system by mail or e-mail to  For my contribution, I am planning on recording the sounds at the Heugh Gun Battery.  Although quite silent now, the Battery would have emanated a very different sound 16th December 1914 during the bombardment of Hartlepool.

Young people at Throston Youth Centre, working with centre staff, have re-created their own Social History  of WW1 and a timeline of events  capturing the aspects of the lives of people involved in the Great War.  I think its a fantastic display and visually striking, placed in the entrance to the center, its hard to walk past and ignore.

Throston Youth Centre

Throston Youth Center

A number of young people from the center joined in an initial taster and informal consultation session recently, enjoying the hands on  experience of printmaking.  It was a great opportunity to find out ‘who knew what’ about aspects of Hartlepool’s history and the bombardment. There were plenty of surprising results, with an eager and attentive group of young people making a series of prints.  A good contribution from all those that took part.

Throston Hartlepool2Throston Hartlepool1

Other Mail Art ‘in’,  includes work by E. Coles, who will soon  be excavating a family heirloom in the form of a re-shaped brass cartridge, in the meantime, E. Coles has posted this piece of work towards the growing collection.

E Coles

E Coles

Thanks also goes to Jon Foster and Klaus Pinter for their recent mailings.  This is my first mail art from Jon Foster, who really does push the boundaries of recycling.  Klaus Pinter on the other hand presents another intriguing pair of postcard type mail art, inviting the viewer to reflect and consider the meaning….

Jon Foster, USA

Jon Foster, USA

Klaus Pinter Austria

Klaus Pinter Austria


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