Throston Youth Centre Young People Create their own Mail Art

First Mail art out from Throston

First Mail art out from Throston by John

Throston Youth Centre in Hartlepool played host to a mini-taster session in making Mail Art Monday evening 27th January.

This year marks 100 years since the Bombardment of Hartlepool , Whitby and Scarborough. The Heugh Gun Battery based at the Headland, remains a  physical reminder of WW1.  Many of the young people taking part in yesterday’s taster session had visited the Battery during school visits. Although memories were a bit rusty,  a few young people remembered the recreated trench at the Battery as well as the dug outs.

Ryan's Mail Art out heading off to Spain very soon

Ryan’s Mail Art out heading off to Spain very soon

This international and national Mail Art project provides the opportunity for discussion and reflection on the first WW1 with young people. It is an opportunity to revisit  part of their local history, explore the social history and re-present the findings to an international audience using Mail Art techniques.

Johns contribution

Johns contribution

The techniques used in last nights sessions were quick, simple and engaging. We used old wooden type to print out text, cut up pictures, maps, articles and ephemera, associated with WW1 and Hartlepool.  The aim of the project is to encourage the young people to make their own enquiry into their heritage, with support  from Heritage partners such as the Heugh Gun Battery and Beamish, the Youth Service staff  & volunteers in Hartlepool and Theresa Easton.


Some of the young participants completed Mail Art, ready to be posted out to one of the many national and international participants in this project.  John’s Mail Art will be flying through the air very soon heading for the warmer climate of South Africa.  Ryan’s decorative Mail Art has less of a journey, heading to Spain.


Each envelope contains a piece of Mail Art referencing aspects of WW1 and will include a short note written by Theresa Easton providing the participant with information about the project and Hartlepool.  Thanks to all those who took part and printed a whole array of Hartlepool based Mail Art ready to be posted off!


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